Our Services

Our Services

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  • Opening and maintenance of BO account
  • Dematerialization and re-materialization of instruments
  • Freeze request and release request and suspensions
  • Transfer and transmission of instruments
  • Pledging-unplugging through CDBL
  • BO ISIN balances and master maintenance enquiry
  • Safe keeping of securities

  • Trade Execution in Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited
  • Appointment of dedicated, skilled & experienced sales representative
  • Opportunities for trading through different financial instruments
  • One-on-one service through Research team to understand portfolio allocation and buy-sell decisions
  • VIP Trading Facility/ Female Trading Facility


  • Trade through email and phone for the clients
  • Trade through Mobile App & Web Version
  • SMS Service (Trade confirmation after Trade for Clients through CDBL)
  • Portfolio Service through our Web Site
  • Online Deposit and Withdraw Request

Our IPO Process is Very Simple, Fast, And Easy

For more information contact our dedicated IPO team.